2023-03-18 - RPN calculator tutorial
Excellent tutorial and cheatsheet for using HP calculator input (Reverse Polish Notation)

2023-07-23 - Backyard Rain Soundscape app for Playdate
I've published a rain soundscape listing app for Playdate handhelds.

2023-01-02 - Interview with Richard Hipp: Story of SQLite
Link to a Podcast and transcript of an interview with the creator of SQLite.

2023-07-07 - Playdate development is easy and fun
Walkthrough of my first experience with developing for Playdate and thinking about *why* their developer experience is so good.

2023-07-29 - Convert GIFs to black and white using gifsicle
Command line recipe for converting GIFs to just black and white.

2023-01-14 - Nerd Font patcher on MacOS
Patching a font with lots of icons using Nerd Font Patcher.